Event description

High Tech Rehab: Innovation Empowers Disruptive Care
April 29, 2015 | h. 14:00

In collaboration with Don Gnocchi Foundation

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Rehabilitation is how to restore the frail human being, as a whole, when one or more functions are lost and its own precious physical and relational balance is in danger.
High-level rehabilitation is based on three actions: delivering treatments able to address high complexity in advanced rehab centers; providing continuity of assistance when the patient goes back home; measuring the rehab treatment outcome to evaluate effectiveness and to setup personalized rehab treatments.
The elective companion for this path is advanced technology, empowering in an unprecedented way the caregiver’s human capability to understand the needs and to deliver the assistance to the patient, providing the data to dynamically measure the rehabilitation outcome. In building the right ecosystem for this virtuous process, a strict partnership is needed between healthcare providers, research communities and innovative, open-minded tech companies ready to accept the challenge of a potentially disruptive care in a sustainable way.

Workshop program:

14.00-14.15 Fondazione Don Gnocchi: Introduction
Dr. F. Gramatica – Head of Health Technology Assessment
14.15-14.35 Fondazione Don Gnocchi:  “Consciousness and complexity: from theory to practice”
Eng. S. Casarotto  Nucleo Accoglienza Persone in Stato Vegetativo (Istituto Palazzolo)
14.35-14.55 Fondazione Don Gnocchi: “Unveiling rehabilitation biomarkers: nanobiophotonics at work”
Dr. C. Morasso- PhD. Researcher, Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Clinical Biophotonics
14.55-15.15 Fondazione Don Gnocchi: ”Innovation Technological approaches to rehabilitation”
Dr. D. Cattaneo and Dr. J. Jonsdottir – PhD. Research physiotherapist
15.15-15.35 Fondazione Don Gnocchi: “Care Lab”
Eng. P. Meriggi – PhD. Head of ICT and Biomedical Technology Integration Unit + Dr. I.Olivieri – Child neuropsychiatry)
15.35-15.55 MICROSOFT: “Microsoft innovating in Health, leading-edge solutions transforming health delivery models”
Veronica Jagher, Senior Market Development Manager, Italy Healthcare Industry Microsoft
15.55-16.15 TELEROBOT LABS: “Innovative, open-minded tech company”
Dr. F. Becchi – Operations Director
16.15-16.30 SANT’ANNA: “CYBERLEGs project: research and innovation”
Eng. N. Vitiello – Scientific Coordinator
16.30-17.00 Questions & conclusions