Event description

IOX is a new conference area of M2M FORUM

Internet of Things opens a scenario in which, things, animals or people  are equipped  with unique identifiers and with the possibility to transmit data on a network without requiring any human-human or human-computer interaction.

This hyper-connected world, made of “smart things” inside locations and homes, where objects are able to interact with each other and with “human” users, is something that is spreading, in our way of life, not just with paradigm, but with, out and out, steady and highlight solutions.

Today, the IoT represents for professionals and start-uppers in the Web industry, a new great business opportunity and an emerging market. One of nowadays challenge is to try to give boundaries to a market with growth expectations , trying to share out within it, potential application scopes and to identify new digital supply chains.

The aim of IoX, new conference area of M2M Forum, is to create an echo-system and a bridge between members of these new supply chains, starting from “legacy” world of  Electronics and Industrial Automation to new professionals in emerging Web 2.0, Makers and Crowdesign, passing through Information Technology and Telco.

In particular IoX will considered the relation, mainly Italian, between Smart Things, the UX user experience and the Design (interactive too) according with the idea that “the intelligent object needs to be nice and usable and vice versa.”

This focusing is well integrated with Italian high quality hand-craft tradition and culture that nowadays finds its “smart” evolution in the Fab Labs phenomenon’s birth.

MORE INFORMATION: http://www.m2mforum.it/en/internet-of-people-and-things-everywhere/